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The Latex mattresses and mattress toppers are made from natural latex, which comes from the rubber tree juice.
They are harmonized with the shape and the curves of the body and are ideal for people who suffer from allergies, as they are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.

Coconut tree

The flexible coconut tree mattress preserves the features of moisture elimination and ventilation of
the mattress, while its elasticity achieves the perfect restoration thanks to the special fibers it

Pocket Springs

The mattresses with springs that function independently (Pocket) provide support and shock absorption, both for you and for your partner, preventing the disturbance of your sleep. Each spring is placed in its own pocket of fabric, having excellent anatomical features.

The springs are placed vertically and are distributed in all of the interior of the mattress, exercising resistance to the weight of your body. This resistance is different from place to place and is proportional to the strength of the pressure of your body towards the mattress, guaranteeing a higher sleeping comfort.

Bonnel Springs

The mattresses with interconnected springs (Bonnel) are manufactured for many years and still consist a very famous choice. They have the lower cost compared to the other mattresses in the market and are available in different types, from orthopedic to softer mattresses.

The largest part of the support they offer comes from the springs that are placed in lines lengthwise and widthwise in the mattress, and are connected with a helical wire. The hardness of these mattresses allows the support of the spinal column.

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Since 1964, the products of ELATIRIO STROM is a top choice for professionals and individuals.

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